Forms / Downloads


S. No. Documents
1. Form Kit for New Faculty after Joining
2. Appraisal Form
3. Medifare Application Form
4. Identity Card for Retired Employee
5. Approval of New Consultancy Project
6. Consent of Proposed Investigator(s) from other than PIs Deptt.
7. Involvement of Consultant
8. Student Assistantship-For UG/PG/Ph.D/Post Doc. Fellow
9. Approval of Project Positions
10. Advertisement to fill up Project Positions
11. Screening Committee Report
12. Selection Committee Report
13. Contract
14. Extension of Time/Revision of Project Amount
15. Travel (Domestic)
16. Travel (International)
17. Expenditure from PDF
18. Distribution of Consultancy Project Funds (for project approved from 01.06.2012 onwards)
19. Certificate of T&P items purchased under Project
20. Proposal for Distribution of IOC revised against Sponsored Research Projects
21. Request for hiring of services in the project (Through approved agency)
22. Request for hiring of services in the project (Not through agency)
23. Child Education form
24. Form for Overtime Claim
25. Form of Conveyance Allowance
26. Form of House Building Advance
27. LTC for Faculty and Group A
28. LTC Form
29. Medical Booklet Application Form
30. Medifare Booklet Complete
31. Revised House Allotment Rules (HAC-I and HAC-II)
32. Seminar Guidelines
33. Application Proforma for Issuance of an Identity Card
34. IITR Slides template (Presentation)
35. Application for grant of full financial assistance for attending conference abroad
36. Attending National Conference
37. Bill Submission Form
38. Ex India Leave (More than 1 month)
39. Ex India Leave (Up to 1 month)
40. House Allotment Application Form
41. Medical reimbursement form
42. Performa for Reimbursement form (PDA)
43. Request for advance
44. Proforma for reimbursement of Communication charges
45. Travelling Allowance Form
46. Purchase Indent Form
47. No Dues Form
48. Booking Form for OP Jain Auditorium
S. No. Documents
1. Application for courses to be completed
2. Certificate from supervisor
3. Final Report of SRC
4. Finalization of supervisor
5. Report of oral defense committee
6. Report on Comprehensive Examination and Recommendation for Candidacy
7. Request for Comprehensive examination
8. Seminar report
9. Special SRC Recommendations
10. Student and Supervisor Declaration
11. Student Research Committee
12. Thesis Submission Form
13. IITR Slides template (Presentation)
14. Leave application form Ph.D.
15. Ph.D. Ordinances and Regulations (NEW)
16. Form to get desktop/ workstation access in CAD Lab
17. Performa for approval of contingency funds for International conference abroad
18. Performa for approval of funds for presenting paper in International conference abroad
19. Performa for approval of contingency funds for attending National conference / Workshop

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