About Us

  • Structural Engineering is the largest group in the Department of Civil Engineering. Currently, the group comprises of 13 faculty members, 60 number of research scholars and 43 number of masters students. The group is equipped with various experimental facilities for full scale testing (static/dynamic), testing under fire exposure condition, facility high strain rate testing, fracture and damage characterization under static and fatigue loading conditions, long term performance of structural concrete and facility for material characterization. Faculty members of structural engineering group are actively engaged in theoretical and experimental research in various conventional and advanced research domains as listed below.
  • Computational mechanics, Mechanics of architected materials, Multi-scale modeling, Nano-technology in structural engineering
  • Fatigue and Fracture mechanics, Damage characterization in structural members
  • Structural reliability, Uncertainty quantification risk assessment of structures
  • Structural health monitoring, Modular construction
  • Finite element analysis of composite (FRP/Steel-Concrete)
  • Structural performance under high strain rate
  • Structural fire engineering
  • Earthquake resistant design, Bridge engineering, Laminated composite structures
  • Durability and service life of RC members, Repair and retrofitting of structures
  • Concrete technology, Concrete filled steel tubes as structural elements

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