About Us

  • Structural engineering is the science and art of planning, design, construction, operation, monitoring and inspection, maintenance, rehabilitation and prevention, demolishing and dismantling of structures taking into consideration technical, economic, environmental, aesthetic and social aspects. This Group is the largest amongst the six Groups of the Department and has a faculty strength of 13 and a research student strength of 100 which consists of about 50 PG students and an equal number of Ph.D. students. Experimental facilities consist of the following 9 well-equipped laboratories:
    • Material Test Laboratory
    • Casting Laboratory
    • Chemical Analysis Laboratory
    • Heavy Test Laboratory -1
    • Heavy Test Laboratory -2
    • Impact Laboratory
    • Fire Test Laboratory
    • Durability Laboratory
    • The Experimental Stress Analysis Laboratory.
    • Incubation Centre for Construction Technology in Buildings and Roads.
    • Technology Innovation Center for 3D Printing of Concrete.
    • In addition, research students of the Group also have access to the Wind Engineering Laboratory of the Department and a state-of-the-art Computational Laboratory is under development. Research areas of the Group faculty include: finite element analysis, structural dynamics, laminated composites, fire engineering, topology and optimisation problems in engineering, steel-concrete composites, fracture mechanics, impact behaviour of structures, sustainable concrete, structural design with emphasis on non-flexural behaviour, structural evaluation, repair and rehabilitation. The Group offers M.Tech. programme with specialisation in structural engineering and opportunities exist for doctoral work in all research areas of the Group. Faculty of the Group have widely published in journals of repute and are widely recognised for their close association with the construction industry and the support extended to it through structural design, peer-review services and laboratory investigations. Alumni of the Group are well placed in industry and government and the Group is proud of its association with the infrastructural development of the nation.

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