Ph.D. Dissertations

    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Rishi Singh ChhabraPerformance Evaluation of Sustainable Recycled Base using RAP MaterialProf. G. D. Ransinchung R. N.  04/Jan/2024
    2. GurmeshDevelopment of Interactive Traveller Information SystemProf. Praveen KumarProf. Manoranjan (On-lien) Parida, 08/Jan/2024
    3. Manaswinee KarPlanning and Design of Park &-Ride Facilities around Metro StationsProf. Manoranjan (On-lien) ParidaProf. Shubhajit Sadhukhan, Prof. Sanhita Das, 16/Jan/2024
    4. Saurabh UpadhyayModeling of Traffic Noise for Mid-Block Locations in Urban AreasProf. Praveen KumarProf. Manoranjan Parida 22/Mar/2024
    5. Ashish WaliaDevelopment of Temperature Predication Model for Flexible PavementsProf. Rajat RastogiProf. Praveen Kumar and Prof. S. S. Jain 28/Mar/2024
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Bhavesh JainTransportation Asset Management of Smart CitiesProf. Manoranjan (On-lien) ParidaProf. A. Ramesh/Dr. Devesh Tiwari, CSIR-CRRI 20/Feb/2023
    2. S. K. Sohel IslamEffect of SBS Molecular Structure and Concentration on the Thermo-Oxidative Performance of Modified Binder and Asphalt Mixes.Prof. G. D. Ransinchung R. N.  30/May/2023
    3. Chintaman S. bariCapacity and Level of Service at Toll Plazas under Mixed Traffic ConditionsProf. Satish ChandraProf. Ashish Dhamaniya, SVNIT Surat 13/Jun/2023
    4. Abhijit MondalA balanced mix design approach on cold recycled bituminous mixesProf. G. D. Ransinchung R. N.  07/Jul/2023
    5. Supriya MarikEvaluation of Pavement Performance related Parameters of Cement Treated Base Using Stabilroad AdditiveProf. G. D. Ransinchung R. N.  01/Sep/2023
    6. Manish ManoharePsychophysiology response-based model for heterogenous traffic noise exposureProf. Manoranjan (On-lien) ParidaProf. E. Rajasekar 20/Sep/2023
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. N. ChaturvediData Analytics Applications in Transport SystemsProf. Manoranjan (On-lien) ParidaProf. Durga Toshniwal 18/Jan/2022
    2. Surya Kant SahdeoUtilization of RAP for Sustainable Pervious Concrete Pavement.Prof. G. D. Ransinchung R. N.  24/Jan/2022
    3. Abhinav KumarAssessment of Pedestrian Safety at Signalized Intersections using Traffic Conflict TechniqueProf. Indrajit Ghosh  02/Mar/2022
    4. Jyoti MandhaniDevelopment of Service Quality Framework for Mass Rapid Transit System in IndiaProf. Manoranjan (On-lien) ParidaProf. J. K. Nayak 02/Jun/2022
    5. Surendra Kumar SainiEvaluation of the Efficiency of Jarosite for Cement Concrete Pavement as a Sustainable ApproachProf. G. D. Ransinchung R. N.Prof. Praveen Kumar 27/Jul/2022
    6. Nikki RathoreIntegration of Logistics and Traffic EngineeringProf. Manoranjan (On-lien) ParidaProf. P.K. Jain, IIT BHU 19/Aug/2022
    7. Ankit SharmaEvaluation of Aged Bituminous Paving Mixtures Rejuvenated with Different Recycling Agents.Prof. Praveen KumarProf. G. D. Ransinchung R. N., Dr. DSNV Amar Kumar 24/Nov/2022
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Phani KumarPlanning of Transit Oriented Development (TOD)Prof. Manoranjan (On-lien) ParidaDr. Ch. Ravi Sekhar, CSIR-CRRI
    2. Yogesh KumarEffect of Molecular Structure and Concentration of SBS Polymer on the Performance Properties of Modified Asphalt Binder.Prof. Praveen Kumar 
    3. Solomon DebarmaFeasibility of RAP for Sustainable Roller Compacted Concrete PavementProf. G. D. Ransinchung R. N.  25/Feb/2021
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Kumari MonuPerformance Evaluation of RAP for Sustainable Flexible PavementsProf. G. D. Ransinchung R. N.  14/May/2020
    2. Sarah Mariam AbrahamRAP Materials for Sustainable Pavement Quality ConcreteProf. G. D. Ransinchung R. N.  03/Jul/2020
    3. Madhumita PaulInvestigation of Surrogate Road Safety Measures at IntersectionsProf. Indrajit Ghosh  21/Sep/2020
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Pooja SinghDevelopment of Sustainable Transport Strategies for A Low Carbon Urban EnvironmentProf. Manoranjan (On-lien) ParidaProf. P. S. Chani
    2. G.R. BivinaPedestrian Level of Service Assessment for Sidewalks Using Qualitative EvaluationProf. Manoranjan (On-lien) Parida  07/Aug/2019
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Surender SinghUtilization of RAP for Sustainable Concrete PavementsProf. G. D. Ransinchung R. N. 
    2. Subhadip BiswasCapacity Analysis of Urban Streets under Mixed Traffic ConditionsProf. Indrajit Ghosh 
    3. Arpita SahaMeasurement and Analysis of Delay at Signal Controlled IntersectionsProf. Indrajit Ghosh 
    4. Amardeep BooraOperational Performance Measures for Inter-urban HighwaysProf. Indrajit Ghosh 
    5. Tanuj ChopraPavement Management System for Urban RoadsProf. Manoranjan (On-lien) Parida 
    6. Pradeep KumarPavement Surface Condition Evaluation and Classification using Geospatial ToolsProf. Manoranjan (On-lien) Parida 
    7. Mansha SwamiOperational and Spatial Effectiveness of Multimodal Transportation SystemProf. Manoranjan (On-lien) Parida 
    8. Shambavi MishraDevelopment of ITS Architecture for Multi Modal SystemProf. Praveen Kumar 
    9. Bhupendra SinghNonlinear Viscoelastic Analysis of Un-aged and Aged Asphalt BindersProf. Praveen Kumar 
    10. Anish Kumar BhartiTravel Time Reliability for Performance measurement of Urban Road NetworkProf. Rajat RastogiProf. Satish Chandra and Ch. Ravi Sekher, CRRI
    11. Arpita SahaMeasurement and Analysis of Delay at Signalised IntersectionsProf. Satish Chandra 
    12. Subhadip BiswasCapacity Analysis of urban streets sunder Mixed Traffic ConditionsProf. Satish Chandra 
S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
1. Abhisekh JindalInfluence of Moisture States of Recycled Aggregates for Use in PQCProf. G. D. Ransinchung R. N. 
2. C.Naveen KumarModelling of Crashes for Four Lane Non-Urban HighwaysProf. Manoranjan (On-lien) Parida 
3. Ankit KathuriaOperational Analysis of Bus Rapid Transit SystemProf. Manoranjan (On-lien) ParidaDr. Ch. Ravi Sekhar
4. Rajiv KumarDevelopment of Warm Stone Matrix AsphaltProf. Praveen Kumar 
5. Udit jainDevelopment of Guidelines for Pedestrian Crossing FacilitiesProf. Rajat Rastogi 
6. Mithun MohanAnalysis of mixed traffic flow at uncontrolled intersectionsProf. Satish ChandraProf. Manoranjan Parida
S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
1. Nikhil SabooStrength Characteristics of Polymer Modified Asphalt Binders and MixesProf. Praveen Kumar 
2. Abdulla AhmadDevelopment and Calibration of Entry Capacity Model of Modern RoundaboutsProf. Rajat Rastogi 
3. Ambika BehlPerformance Characteristics of Warm Asphalt MixesProf. Satish Chandra 
S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
1. Gaurav JainDevelopment of Passenger Transport Information System Using GIS & GPSProf. Manoranjan (On-lien) Parida 
2. Shashikant SharmaUse of Wollastonite Micro-Fiber in Rehabilitation of PQC RoadsProf. Praveen Kumar 

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