Ph.D. Dissertations

    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Kumari MonuPerformance Evaluation of RAP for Sustainable Flexible PavementsProf. G. D. Ransinchung R. N.  14/May/2020
    2. Sarah Mariam AbrahamRAP Materials for Sustainable Pavement Quality ConcreteProf. G. D. Ransinchung R. N.  03/Jul/2020
    3. Madhumita PaulInvestigation of Surrogate Road Safety Measures at IntersectionsProf. Indrajit Ghosh  21/Sep/2020
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Surender SinghUtilization of RAP for Sustainable Concrete PavementsProf. G. D. Ransinchung R. N. 
    2. Subhadip BiswasCapacity Analysis of Urban Streets under Mixed Traffic ConditionsProf. Indrajit Ghosh 
    3. Arpita SahaMeasurement and Analysis of Delay at Signal Controlled IntersectionsProf. Indrajit Ghosh 
    4. Amardeep BooraOperational Performance Measures for Inter-urban HighwaysProf. Indrajit Ghosh 
    5. Mansha SwamiOperational And Spatial Effectiveness Of Metropolitan TransportationProf. Manoranjan Parida 
    6. Shambavi MishraDevelopment of ITS Architecture for Multi Modal SystemProf. Praveen Kumar 
    7. Bhupendra SinghNonlinear Viscoelastic Analysis of Un-aged and Aged Asphalt BindersProf. Praveen Kumar 
    8. Anish Kumar BhartiTravel Time Reliability for Performance measurement of Urban Road NetworkProf. Rajat RastogiProf. Satish Chandra and Ch. Ravi Sekher, CRRI
S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
1. Udit jainDevelopment of Guidelines for Pedestrian Crossing FacilitiesProf. Rajat Rastogi 
2. Rajiv KumarDevelopment of Warm Stone Matrix AsphaltProf. Praveen Kumar 
3. Abhisekh JindalInfluence of Moisture States of Recycled Aggregates for Use in PQCProf. G. D. Ransinchung R. N. 
S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
1. Abdulla AhmadAnalysis and Design of RoundaboutsProf. Rajat Rastogi 
2. Nikhil SabooStrength Characteristics of Polymer Modified Asphalt Binders and MixesProf. Praveen Kumar 
S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
1. Shashikant SharmaUse of Wollastonite Micro-Fiber in Rehabilitation of PQC RoadsProf. Praveen Kumar 

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