About Us

    Transportation Engineering Group primarily deals with following thrust areas:

  • Traffic engineering
    Capacity Analysis, Traffic Flow Modelling, Traffic Operations and Level-of-Service Analysis, Congestion, Smart and Connected mobility,

  • Transportation Planning
    Travel Behaviour and demand, Multi-modal Transport System Development, Non-Motorized Transport, Pedestrian Movements, Public Transport, Transport Emissions, Urban Space reallocation for transport modes

  • Road Materials & Pavements
    Road materials characterization, Flexible & Rigid Pavements Design and Performance Evaluation and Analysis, Additives & Stabilizers for pavement stabilization, Recycling of Construction & Demolition-Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) & Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP), Pavement System Management and Asset Management

  • Urban Roads & Highway Safety
    Highway & Urban Roads Crash Modeling, Traffic Conflict Techniques – Preventive or surrogate measures, Driver and Pedestrian Behaviour in mixed traffic environments.

  • Simulation
    Urban Traffic Simulations, Agent-based Simulation

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
    Wireless Adaptive traffic control system, Real-time Passenger Count System, Real-time Crowd Alert and Management System

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