Research Projects

    S. No.TitleP. I. NameFunding AgencyAmount (In Lakhs ₹)
    1. Fracture Performance of Reinforced Concrete Members in Coupled Corrosion and Fatigue Environment Prof. Ray Sonalisa Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)38.00
    2. Multiscale Modelling and Simulation of Layered Fibre Reinforced Nanocomposite Prof. Chowdhury Rajib DMSRDE, Kanpur49.64
    3. Experimental and Theoretical Studies of High Ballistic lmpact on Multi Layered Nanocomposites Prof. Chowdhury Rajib ARMREB, TBRL, Chandigarh122.02
    4. Multiscale Virtual Testing & Experiments of FRP Composites for High Speed Train and Infrastructure Applications Prof. Roy Chowdhury Shubhankar SERB, New Delhi21.49
    5. Computational Multiscale Modeling as a Virtual Experimental Setup for Prediction of Elastic and inelastic Response of Unidirectional Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites Prof. Roy Chowdhury Shubhankar ARB, DRDO36.27
    S. No.TitleP. I. NameFunding AgencyAmount (In Lakhs ₹)
    1. Fire Performance of Aged Reinforced Concrete Structure Prof. Bhargava Pradeep DST40.00
    2. Microstructurally Guided Computational and Experimental Analysis of Failure Mechanisms in Fibre Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete Prof. Dutta Sudakshina SERB, New Delhi32.94
    3. Multiscale analysis of ultra high performance concrete under monotonic loads Prof. Dutta Sudakshina FIG, IIT Roorkee20.00
    4. Fracture and Fatigue Studies in Textile based Auxetic Composite Prof. Chakrabarti Anupam ISRO, Bangaluru27.24
    5. Development of Sustainable Concrete Utilizing Mine Waste Rock Prof. Ray Sonalisa Hindustan Zinc Limited, Udaipur35.40
    6. Modelling, Simulations and Dynamic Fracture Behaviour of Composites under High Strain Rate Loading Prof. Ray Sonalisa Armament Research Board, New Delhi48.73
    7. Topology Optimization of Large-Scale Engineering Structure: Numerical Simulations and Experimental Investigations Prof. Chowdhury Rajib DRDL, Hyderabad45.21
    8. Durability of Concrete Repair and Protection Systems Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar Ushta Infinity Construction Corporation Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara18.28
    9. Utility of High Strength Self Compacting Alkali Activated Slag Concrete (HS-SC-AASC) filled steel tubes in enhancement of strength and durability in Ports, Harbour and offshore structures Prof. Gupta Pramod Kumar Ministry of Shipping (Development Wing), Government of lndia24.40
    S. No.TitleP. I. NameFunding AgencyAmount (In Lakhs ₹)
    1. Development of a design-through-analysis methodology based on isogeometric technology : Application to Phase-Field Fracture and Topology Optimization Prof. Chowdhury Rajib SERB, New Delhi21.94
    2. Quasi-static and dynamic strength of ultrahigh performance concrete Prof. Iqbal Mohd. Ashraf DST (DST-RFBR Indo-Russian Joint Research Project)26.60
    3. Experimental and numerical evaluation of double containment structures of Indian PHWR against hard missile impact due to external event Prof. Iqbal Mohd. Ashraf Atomic Energy Regulatory Board50.91
    4. Durability and Service Life Evaluation of Different Cementitous Matrices Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar Ushta Infinity Construction Corporation Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara11.30
    5. Fire Performance of Aged Reinforced Concrete Structure Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar DST, New Delhi38.50
    6. Performance Evaluation of Fire Resistant Structural Steel Tube at an Elevated, Jamshedpur Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar Tata Steel Ltd., Jamshedpur30.00
    7. Embedded fibre optic sensors Prof. Chikermane Sanjay Central Railway0.00
    8. Reinterpretation of Traditional Technologies to Create Affordable Resilient Homes for Rural Communities Prof. Chikermane Sanjay SPARC, MHRD45.60
    9. Traditional buildings collaborative project Prof. Chikermane Sanjay SPARC0.00
    10. Traditional community based research Prof. Chikermane Sanjay MoEFF0.00
    11. Ultra-light damage tolerant structures made of architected materials: Mechanics of nonlinear finite deformation and design Prof. Roy Chowdhury Shubhankar FIG-IIT Roorkee20.00
    12. Attenuation relationship for estimating peak ground acceleration in Patna Prof. Chakrabarti Anupam NPIU, MHRD12.83
    S. No.TitleP. I. NameFunding AgencyAmount (In Lakhs ₹)
    1. Design of Containment Structure of Capacity 1 Kg & 8 Kg TNT for Repeated Explosions Prof. Prakash Vipul DRDO, Delhi21.10
    2. Natural Fibre reinforced cementitious composite for sustainable infrastructure Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar DST, New Delhi10.70
    3. Setting up Laboratory on Sustainable and Durable Construction Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar NBCC (India) Ltd., New Delhi198.30
    4. Conservation of traditional buildings and dissemination of traditional knowledge while simultaneously generating alternate livelihood oppourtunities Prof. Chikermane Sanjay MoES, New Delhi115.80
    5. Modular construction in steel Prof. Chikermane Sanjay NBCC0.00
    S. No.TitleP. I. NameFunding AgencyAmount (In Lakhs ₹)
    1. Development of Sustainable Construction Products Incorporating Zinc Waste Prof. Ray Sonalisa Hindustan Zinc Limited17.00
    2. Enhanced Rice Milling and Maximised Valorisation of Rice Milling by Products Prof. Singh Bhupinder DBT, New Delhi56.20
    3. Non-Linear Dynamic Analysis of FG Carbon Nanotubes reinforced laminates using RSDT Prof. Chakrabarti Anupam Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi0.00
    4. The Ballistic Response of Ceramics Targets under Various Configuration Prestress and obliquity Prof. Iqbal Mohd. Ashraf DRDO53.60
    5. A Comparative Study of Concretes Containing Different Mineral Admixtures with respect to durability and service life Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar Elkem South Asia Pvt. Ltd. Navi Mumbai14.40
    6. Characterizing Corrosion Activity in Reinforced Concrete Structures alone Indian Coastline Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar Ushta Infinity Construction Co. Pvt. Ltd. Vadodra5.70
    7. Retrofitting of corroded specimens using ultra high performance fiber reinforced cementitious composite Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar Thermax Ltd., Pune3.30
    S. No.TitleP. I. NameFunding AgencyAmount (In Lakhs ₹)
    1. Evaluating the integrity of Railway Infrastructure in India and Canada with an Emphasis on Bridges and Tracks. Prof. Banerji Pradipta DST, New Delhi37.50
    2. Reliability Based and Robust Design optimization of large-Scale systems Prof. Chowdhury Rajib CSIR, New Delhi15.36
    3. Numerical Study in Dynamic brittle Fracture in Impact Problems Prof. Iqbal Mohd. Ashraf DST-RFBR Indo-Russian Joint20.40
    S. No.TitleP. I. NameFunding AgencyAmount (In Lakhs ₹)
    1. Energy Absorption Characteristics of Pre-stressed Concrete elements under drop Weight and Ballistic Impact Prof. Bhargava Pradeep SERB27.00
    2. Recycled Aggregate Concrete : An Investigation of Properties and Structural Applications Prof. Singh Bhupinder National Building Construction Corporation Ltd., New Delhi60.00
    3. Development of Smart FRP Wraps for Monitoring and Strengthening of Vulnerable Civil Engineering Infrastructure in our cities Prof. Banerji Pradipta DST,  New Delhi9.50
    4. Reliability-based robust design optimization of large-scale systems Prof. Chowdhury Rajib Royal Society, UK5.31
    5. Sustainable Infrastructure Using Smart FRPs Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar DST (Indo-Canada)30.00
    6. A Multi Scale Based Fracture and Fatigue Analysis in Quasi-Brittle Materials Prof. Ray Sonalisa SERB, New Delhi32.50
    7. Development of Agriculture Waste-based Accelerator for Enhanced Concrete Hardening (AgWACH) Prof. Ray Sonalisa National Building Construction Corporation Ltd., New Delhi36.60
    8. Precast Concrete Columns for Low Cost Housing Prof. Gupta Pramod Kumar BMTPC, New Delhi11.00
    9. Development of Energy Efficient Construction Materials For Buildings Prof. Chakrabarti Anupam B.M.T.P.C., New Delhi0.00
    10. Energy Absorption Characteristics of Prestressed Concrete Elements under Drop Weight and Ballistic Impact Prof. Iqbal Mohd. Ashraf DST26.90
    11. Durability Assessment and Enhancement of Service Life of  Expanded Polystyrene Core Panel System Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council, New Delhi7.50
    12. I.I.T. Roorkee & N.B.C.C. Joint R&D Centre at GNEC Campus Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar National Building Construction Corporation Ltd.,, New Delhi5.40
    13. Modular Construction Alternative for New Lecture Hall Complex IIT Roorkee – reg Prof. Chikermane Sanjay National Building Construction Corporation Ltd., New Delhi28.20
    S. No.TitleP. I. NameFunding AgencyAmount (In Lakhs ₹)
    1. Precast Concrete Columns for Low-Cost Housing Prof. Bhargava Pradeep BMTPC11.00
    2. Mechanical Properties of Nano Silica Based High Performance Concrete Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar NBCC (India) Ltd., New Delhi27.00
    3. Performance Evaluation of cracked / damaged concrete structures under fire Prof. Bhargava Pradeep Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), BRNS, Mumbai52.00
    4. Behaviour of FRP Laminated Smart Sandwich Structures having Interlaminar imperfections... Prof. Chakrabarti Anupam Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi0.00
    5. FRP Laminated Bridge Deck Structures Prof. Chakrabarti Anupam Ministry of Shipping, New Delhi4.07

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