Ph.D. Dissertations

    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Abhinav GuptaAdaptive analysis using Isoparametric and Isogeometric Elements: Application towards topology optimization, fracture, and Multiphysics problemsProf. Rajib ChowdhuryProf. Anupam Chakrabarti 18/Jan/2023
    2. Susheel Kumar KatariyaStudy of Concrete filled tubes as structural elementsProf. Pramod Kumar Gupta  15/May/2023
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Madhusudan G. KalibhatBehavior and Optimum Design of Steel Concrete Composite Bridge Girders.Prof. Akhil Upadhyay  04/Jan/2022
    2. Rohit Raju MadkeMultiscale Modelling and Failure Prediction of Woven and Braided CompositesProf. Rajib Chowdhury  03/Jun/2022
    3. Mohammad Kamil KhanNumerical Study of Dynamic Brittle Fracture in Impact ProblemsProf. Mohd. Ashraf Iqbal  21/Jul/2022
    4. Qazi Inaam Ul QuadirBehavior and Optimum Design of Steel Girders with Corrugated WebProf. Akhil Upadhyay  24/Aug/2022
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Aditi ChauhanCharacterizing Chloride-Induced Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete Under Varying Environmental ConditionsProf. Umesh Kumar Sharma  04/Mar/2021
    2. Zaid MohammadConcrete Filled Tubes Subjected to Impact LoadingProf. Pramod Kumar Gupta  27/May/2021
    3. Venkatesan J.Impact Response of High Performance ConcreteProf. Mohd. Ashraf Iqbal  03/Jul/2021
    4. Pranav NellesriConstruction stage behaviour and long term monitoring of the prestressed concrete bridgeProf. Sanjay Chikermane  13/Dec/2021
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Subhan AhmadMasonry Structures and Ductile MortarProf. Pradeep Bhargava 
    2. Bharat Singh ChauhanResponse of Closely Spaced Tall Buildings Under Wind LoadsProf. Anupam Chakrabarti  01/Oct/2020
    3. Mohammad Suhaib AhmadBond Behaviour of Steel in Concrete Under Flexure When Exposed to FireProf. Pradeep Bhargava  31/Dec/2020
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Vimal KumarResponse of Prestressed Concrete Under Quasi-Static and Dynamic LoadingProf. Mohd. Ashraf Iqbal 
    3. Aditya Singh RajputEvolution and Upgradation of corroded confined concrete columnsProf. Umesh Kumar Sharma 
    4. Neelam RaniWind pressure distribution on multi-span canopy roofProf. Sonalisa Ray  06/May/2019
    5. Faraz TariqPerformance of Corroded RC Elements Exposed to FireProf. Pradeep Bhargava  16/May/2019
    6. Govind GauravSplice strength of deformed steel bars in recycled aggregate concreteProf. Bhupinder Singh  22/Aug/2019
    7. Ran Bir SinghRheology of self-compacting concrete containing recycled aggregatesProf. Bhupinder Singh  19/Sep/2019
    8. Kasi Viswanathan M.Behaviour of laminated composite box-sections subjected to axial and lateral loadsProf. Akhil Upadhyay  23/Oct/2019
    9. Shujaat Hussain BuchFire Resistance of Reinforced Concrete ColumnsProf. Umesh Kumar Sharma  11/Dec/2019
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Bibekananda MandalBehaviour Of Laminated FRP Composite Bolted JointsProf. Anupam Chakrabarti 
    2. Tanmoy ChatterjeeNovel Integrated Computational Models for Robust Design OptimizationProf. Rajib Chowdhury 
    3. Vipul BhardwajPiezoelectric and Mechanical Behaviour of Doped and Undoped ZnO Thin FilmsProf. Rajib ChowdhuryProf. R. Jayaganathan, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
1. M. Muslim AnsariBehaviour Of FRP Laminated Plates Under Impact LoadingProf. Anupam Chakrabarti 
2. Sanjeev Kumar SinghCharacterization of fire damaged reinforced concrete beams and retrofitting aspectsProf. Pradeep Bhargava 
3. Suryavanshi Shivanad RohidasAn investigation of the efficiency factors of RCA-concrete bottle-shaped strutsProf. Pradeep Bhargava 
4. V. SuryavanshiAn Investigation of Strength of RCA Concrete Bottle-shaped StrutsProf. Bhupinder Singh 
5. K. KapoorFresh and Hardened Properties of Self-compacting Concrete containing Recycled Concrete AggregatesProf. Bhupinder Singh 
6. Ahmad ShakeelShear Friction in Recycled Aggregate ConcreteProf. Bhupinder Singh 
7. Abhishek RajputBehaviour of Prestressed Concrete Plates Under High Rate of LoadingProf. Mohd. Ashraf Iqbal 
8. Souvik ChakrabartiA Multilevel Paradigm for Stochastic ComputationsProf. Rajib Chowdhury 
9. Harish C. AroraEvaluation Of Durability Of FRP Strengthened Concrete Structural ElementsProf. Umesh Kumar SharmaProf. Anupam Chakrabarti, 14/Dec/2017
S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
1. M. J. R. PrinceBond Behaviour between Recycled Aggregate Concrete and Deformed Steel BarsProf. Bhupinder Singh 
2. K. VenkateshwarluFluid flow and heat transfer in ventilated enclosures and design of precast clean roomProf. Bhupinder Singh 
3. Sowjanya MotanaProperties of Doped and Undoped ZnO Nanostructured Coatings (Experimental and Simulation Studies)Prof. Rajib ChowdhuryProf. R. Jayaganathan, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
4. R. LalStudies on Reinforced Concrete Joints under Opening Bending MomentsProf. Bhupinder Singh 
S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
1. Ajay ChourasiaPerformance Evaluation of Confined Masonry Building Under Cyclic Lateral LoadsProf. Pradeep Bhargava 
2. Danie Roy A. B.Strengthening of Heat Damaged Reinforced Concrete ElementsProf. Pradeep Bhargava 
3. K. SenthilResponse of Metallic Plates to Small Arms ProjectilesProf. Mohd. Ashraf Iqbal 
4. Gaurav TiwariNumerical and Experimental Analysis of Influence of Boundary Conditions on Deformation of MetalPlateProf. Mohd. Ashraf Iqbal 

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