Research Projects

    S. No.TitlePI NameCo-PiFunding AgencyAmount (In Lakhs ₹)
    1. Assessing the Suitability of warm mix asphalt (WMA) Technology Using Tribological and Performance Characteristics Prof. Saboo Nikhil Prof. Praveen KumarScience and Engineering Research Board (SERB), India 36.70
    2. Comprehensive characterization of variably processed sewage sludge in Ganga basin to classify its suitability for safe disposal Dr. Tyagi Vinay Kumar  Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) 58.11
    3. Interlinked seasonal evolution of supraglacial lakes and ice velocity changes in Greenland Prof. Vijay Saurabh  Indian Space Research Organization 24.18
    4. Evaluation of efficacy of Georoadchem for Cement treated base employing FDR Technique Prof. R. N. G. D. Ransinchung  M/s KGM Technology (P) Ltd. New Delhi 16.46
    5. Development of Specifications for Use of Waste Plastic in Asphalt Mixtures: a Major Step towards Building Sustainable Road Infrastructure Prof. Saboo Nikhil  National Rural Infrastructure Development Agency 55.08
    6. Indo-Swiss: 21st cEnTury Evolution of small glaciers and their impact on regioNAL hydrology in the HIMalayas (ETERNALHIM) Prof. Vijay Saurabh Swiss PI: Dr. Matthias Huss, ETH ZürichMinistry of Earth Sciences India and Swiss National Science Foundation Switzerland 101.00
    7. Identifying current and future GLOF risk over contrasting topographic and climate zones of Indian Himalaya using earth observation data and modeling Prof. Vijay Saurabh Prof. Saurabh Vijay,Ministry of Earth Sciences 18.62

    S. No.TitlePI NameCo-PiFunding AgencyAmount (In Lakhs ₹)
    1. Evaluation of Efficacy of “GEOPAVE” Stabilizer for Pavement Construction Prof. R. N. G. D. Ransinchung Prof. G. D. Ransinchung R. N.,M/S. Garg Sons Estate Promotech Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh. 14.78
    2. Fracture Performance of Reinforced Concrete Members in Coupled Corrosion and Fatigue Environment Prof. Ray Sonalisa  Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) 38.00
    3. Development of Guidelines for Use of Waste Reclaimed Water in Pavement Construction Prof. Saboo Nikhil  Ministry of Roads Transport and Highways (MoRTH) 27.56
    4. Optimal Route Alignment in Sikkim Area Prof. R. N. G. D. Ransinchung  DRDO Chandigarh 46.00
    5. Submerged Vanes for River Training and Sediment Management in Streams and their Field Application. Prof. Ahmad Zulfequar  Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, New Delhi, India 172.50
    6. Computational Multiscale Modeling as a Virtual Experimental Setup for Prediction of Elastic and inelastic Response of Unidirectional Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites Prof. Roy Chowdhury Shubhankar Prof. Sudakshina Dutta,ARB, DRDO 36.27
    7. Rapid Estimation of Flood Extents Using Synthetic Aperture Radar and Deep Learning Prof. Bhardwaj Alok  SERB, New Delhi 28.63
    8. Multiscale Virtual Testing & Experiments of FRP Composites for High Speed Train and Infrastructure Applications Prof. Roy Chowdhury Shubhankar  SERB, New Delhi 21.49
    9. Deployment of T-CPS for Intelligent Mobility and Efficient Traffic Control in Smart Cities: A promising Future Prof. Agarwal Amit Prof. Pushpa Choudhary, Prof. Indrajit Ghosh,TIH, IIT, Roorkee 40.00
    10. Probabilistic analysis of failure criteria of rocks under triaxial state of stress Prof. Maheshwari Priti -SERB, New Delhi 32.30

    S. No.TitlePI NameCo-PiFunding AgencyAmount (In Lakhs ₹)
    1. Geotechnical Investigations of Sample Supplies by GSI under the Project :Generation of Meso-level 1:10,000 Scale User-friendly LHZ Maps and Landslide Inventory for TapovanVyasi Corridor of Haridwar Badrinath National Highway, Uttarakhand Prof. Singh Mahendra  NDMA, New Delhi 7.99
    2. RAP incorporated Geopolymer Concrete Technology Prof. R. N. G. D. Ransinchung  Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, IDA Building, Jamnagar House, New Delhi. 41.78
    3. Development of Sustainable Concrete Utilizing Mine Waste Rock Prof. Ray Sonalisa  Hindustan Zinc Limited, Udaipur 35.40
    4. Polyphasic assessment of diversity of phototrophic microorganisms from cold environments and its bioprospecting potential Prof. Raja ChowdhuryDST, India (with Czech republic) 25.69
    5. Study on response of subgrade soil of penta-rail track and means to improve the functionality requirements of track Prof. Sawant Vishwas A.  Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory Chandigarh 48.00
    6. Permeability of Cement-treated Clayey soils measured by Accelerated Permeability Measurement System using Triaxial Prof. Tyagi Akanksha  FIG, IIT, Roorkee 20.00
    7. Guidelines for Determination of Rock Mass Shear Strength in Bed Rock of Landslide Affected Slopes Prof. Singh Mahendra  NDMA , New Delhi 11.28
    8. SARASWATI 2.0-Identifying best available technologies for decentralized wastewater treatment and resources recovery for India Dr. Tyagi Vinay Kumar  Department of Science & Technology (DST) 160.77
    9. Fracture and Fatigue Studies in Textile based Auxetic Composite Prof. Chakrabarti Anupam  ISRO, Bangaluru 27.00
    10. Utility of High Strength Self Compacting Alkali Activated Slag Concrete (HS-SC-AASC) filled steel tubes in enhancement of strength and durability in Ports, Harbour and offshore structures Prof. Gupta Pramod Kumar  Ministry of Shipping (Development Wing), Government of lndia 24.40

    S. No.TitlePI NameCo-PiFunding AgencyAmount (In Lakhs ₹)
    1. Experimental and numerical evaluation of double containment structures of Indian PHWR against hard missile impact due to external event Prof. Iqbal Mohd. Ashraf  Atomic Energy Regulatory Board 50.91
    2. Quasi-static and dynamic strength of ultrahigh performance concrete Prof. Iqbal Mohd. Ashraf Prof. Pradeep Bhargava,DST (DST-RFBR Indo-Russian Joint Research Project) 26.60
    3. Utilization of Crushed Slag Sand in Geotechnical Projects for Infrastructure Development Prof. Sawant Vishwas A.  Metarolls Ispat Pvt. Ltd. (MIPL), Jalna 12.60
    4. Development of Geomorphological Tools and Extraction of Soil Response Using Remote Sensing and Ancillary Data Prof. Garg Rahul Dev  DRDO, New Delhi 19.40
    5. SEAMLESSIPS - Development and Relization of High Accuracy Indoor and Outdoor Seamless Positioning System: Hardware and Software Prof. Garg Rahul Dev  DST, New Delhi 30.60
    6. Durability and Service Life Evaluation of Different Cementitous Matrices Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar  Ushta Infinity Construction Corporation Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara 11.30
    7. Fire Performance of Aged Reinforced Concrete Structure Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar  DST, New Delhi 38.50
    8. Performance Evaluation of Fire Resistant Structural Steel Tube at an Elevated, Jamshedpur Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar  Tata Steel Ltd., Jamshedpur 30.00
    9. Evaluation of Pavement Performance Related Parameters of Cement Treated Sub Base & Base using Stabil Road Additive Prof. R. N. G. D. Ransinchung  M/S. Vishwa Samudra Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad (VSE) 15.20
    10. Life Cycle and Performance Assessment of PMGSY Roads Constructed Using Cold Mix Technologies in Uttarakhand Region Prof. R. N. G. D. Ransinchung  National Rural Infrastructure Development Agency (NRIDA), Govt. of India 23.50

    S. No.TitlePI NameCo-PiFunding AgencyAmount (In Lakhs ₹)
    1. Expert Group of Rural Infrastucture under UNNAT BHARAT ABHIYAN  IIT Delhi 5.00
    2. Development of methodology to compensate effect of topography, contamination and adjacency factors Prof. Garg Pradeep Kumar  DST, New Delhi 36.80
    3. Expert Group of Rural Infrastucture under UNNAT BHARAT ABHIYAN Prof. Kumar Praveen  MHRD (Unnat Bharat Abhiyan), Coordinated by IIT Delhi 5.00
    4. Design of Containment Structure of Capacity 1 Kg & 8 Kg TNT for Repeated Explosions Prof. Prakash Vipul  DRDO, Delhi 21.10
    5. Strengthening the Centre of Excellence in Ethopia on Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering Prof. Gairola Ajay  DST, New Delhi 75.40
    6. Cganga@IIT Roorkee Prof. Kazmi Absar Ahmad  I.I.T. Kanpur 10.00
    7. Fate & Management of Emerging Contaminants Prof. Kazmi Absar Ahmad  DST, New Delhi 140.80
    8. Prediction of Pile Response in Unsoturated soils Prof. Sawant Vishwas A.  Shastri-Indo Canadian Institute, New Delhi 3.30
    9. Development and realization of high accuracy indoor and outdoor seamless positioning system H/W ,S/W Prof. Garg Rahul Dev  DST, New Delhi (BRICS 2017 scheme) 50.00
    10. Research and Development of algorithms and software for the processing storage and visualization of laser scanning and photography data Prof. Garg Rahul Dev  DST, New Delhi 26.90

    S. No.TitlePI NameCo-PiFunding AgencyAmount (In Lakhs ₹)
    1. A Comparative Study of Concrete Containing Different Mineral Admixtures with Repect to Durability and Service Life  Elkem South Asia Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai 11.50
    2. Increase in Expenditure limit f MOSRT&H Professorial chair by utilization of interest Prof. Parida Manoranjan  MOSRT&H, Govt. of India 5.00
    3. Propagation and Mitigation Model of Mixed Road Traffic Noise for Planning of Mid-Sized Indian Cities Prof. Parida Manoranjan  MHRD-MoUD under IMPRINT 50.00
    4. Assessment of Pollution Load From Pulp and Paper Industries in Ganga River Basin Prof. Kazmi Absar Ahmad  IIT Kanpur 10.00
    5. Enhanced Rice Milling and Maximised Valorisation of Rice Milling by Products Prof. Singh Bhupinder  DBT, New Delhi 56.20
    6. Non-Linear Dynamic Analysis of FG Carbon Nanotubes reinforced laminates using RSDT Prof. Chakrabarti Anupam  Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi 0.00
    7. The Ballistic Response of Ceramics Targets under Various Configuration Prestress and obliquity Prof. Iqbal Mohd. Ashraf  DRDO 53.60
    8. Algorithms and software for the processing, storage and visualization of Laser and Photography Data Prof. Garg Rahul Dev  DST, New Delhi (BRICS 2016 scheme) 26.90
    9. Capacity building of IIT Roorkee in Dam safety Under DRIP (Geomatics component `49 Lakhs) Prof. Garg Rahul Dev  CWC,New Delhi 1,092.00
    10. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for optical and thermal remote sensing Prof. Garg Rahul Dev  IIT, Roorkee (Smile Scheme) 34.93

    S. No.TitlePI NameCo-PiFunding AgencyAmount (In Lakhs ₹)
    1. Comparative Study of Conventional Building Foundations with Foundations on Treated/ Reinforced Ground  National Buildings Construction Corporation Ltd., New Delhi 16.50
    2. Evaluating the integrity of Railway Infrastructure in India and Canada with an Emphasis on Bridges and Tracks.  DST, New Delhi 37.50
    3. Inspire Faculty Award at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee  DST, New Delhi 85.00
    4. Sustaining Himalayan Water Resources in a Changing Climate (SusHI-Wat) Prof. Ojha Chandra Shekhar Prasad  Ministry of Earth Sciences, New Delhi 27.00
    5. Comprehensive Solution for Slope Stability of Road Between Zero Bridge to Koteshwar Prof. Singh Mahendra  THDCIL, Tehri 20.60
    6. Design of Formation for speed Higher than 160 Kmph and Up to 250 Kmph. Prof. Mittal Satyendra  RDSO, Lucknow 20.20
    7. Namami Gange Prof. Kazmi Absar Ahmad  MHRD, New Delhi 5.00
    8. Numerical Study in Dynamic brittle Fracture in Impact Problems Prof. Iqbal Mohd. Ashraf  DST-RFBR Indo-Russian Joint 20.40
    9. Hydro-meteorological feedbacks and changes in water storage and fluxes in Northern India Prof. Garg Rahul Dev  NERC (U.K.)-MOES (India) 103.00
    10. A Pragmatic Approach Towards using Demolished Concrete Wastes & Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC) Mix Prof. R. N. G. D. Ransinchung  National Buildings Construction Corporation Ltd., New Delhi 60.48
    S. No.TitlePI NameCo-PiFunding AgencyAmount (In Lakhs ₹)
    1. Use of Viscosity Modifying Admixture with High Range Water Reducing Admixture for Tunnel Grouting in Rocks Such as Carbonaceous Phyllites, Mica Schist rock Prof. Singh Mahendra  SJVN Limited, Shimla 0.60
    2. Recycled Aggregate Concrete : An Investigation of Properties and Structural Applications Prof. Singh Bhupinder  National Building Construction Corporation Ltd., New Delhi 60.00
    3. Precast Concrete Columns for Low Cost Housing Prof. Gupta Pramod Kumar  BMTPC, New Delhi 11.00
    4. Development of Energy Efficient Construction Materials For Buildings Prof. Chakrabarti Anupam  B.M.T.P.C., New Delhi 0.00
    5. Energy Absorption Characteristics of Prestressed Concrete Elements under Drop Weight and Ballistic Impact Prof. Iqbal Mohd. Ashraf  DST 26.90
    6. Durability Assessment and Enhancement of Service Life of  Expanded Polystyrene Core Panel System Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar  Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council, New Delhi 7.50
    7. I.I.T. Roorkee & N.B.C.C. Joint R&D Centre at GNEC Campus Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar  National Building Construction Corporation Ltd.,, New Delhi 5.40
    8. Sustainable Infrastructure Using Smart FRPs Prof. Sharma Umesh Kumar Prof. Pradeep Bhargava,DST (Indo-Canada) 30.00
    9. A Multi Scale Based Fracture and Fatigue Analysis in Quasi-Brittle Materials Prof. Ray Sonalisa  SERB, New Delhi 32.50
    10. Development of Agriculture Waste-based Accelerator for Enhanced Concrete Hardening (AgWACH) Prof. Ray Sonalisa Prof. Sudipta Sarkar,National Building Construction Corporation Ltd., New Delhi 36.60
    S. No.TitlePI NameCo-PiFunding AgencyAmount (In Lakhs ₹)
    1. Performance Evaluation of Sewage Treatment Plants Prof. Kazmi Absar Ahmad  IIT Madras, Chennai 20.00
    2. Behaviour of FRP Laminated Smart Sandwich Structures having Interlaminar imperfections... Prof. Chakrabarti Anupam  Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi 0.00
    3. FRP Laminated Bridge Deck Structures Prof. Chakrabarti Anupam  Ministry of Shipping, New Delhi 4.07
    4. Innovative Materials and Technologies for Next Generation Green Buildings Prof. Sawant Vishwas A.  CSIR-CBRI, Roorkee 5.00
    5. Development of Geo-visualisation tool for ground water resource management Prof. Garg Rahul Dev  DST, New Delhi 25.38
    6. Development of geoinformatic techniques for defining sensitive and vulnerable drought area Prof. Garg Rahul Dev  DST, New Delhi 7.06
    7. Study of earth’s moon for water ice with miniSAR onboard Chandrayaan-1 Prof. Garg Rahul Dev  PRL (ISRO), Ahmedabad 28.16
    8. World Bank Assisted Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme of Government of India (TEQIP) for the Year 2014-2015 (General)  Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi 93.60
    9. Performance Evaluation of cracked / damaged concrete structures under fire Prof. Bhargava Pradeep  Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), BRNS, Mumbai 52.00
    10. An Enterprise-Driven High Quality Community Toilet System Sustaining on Commercial Values Generated by Black Soldier Fly Larvae Grown on Human Faces and by Fertilizer Derived from Urine Prof. Sarkar Sudipta  Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council,  New Delhi 51.20

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