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36. Prof. Pushpa Choudhary, Prof. Manoranjan Parida, Mr. Akshay Gupta, Mr. Shreyansh and Mr. Priyanshu PansariMethod for developing a lane departure warning system for providing warnings based on severity levels (Not published)202411039413, Dt. 20.05.2024
35. Prof. Sanjay Chikermane and Mr. Survesh ChetivaAn improved block masonry for enhancing earthquake-resisting features (Not published)202411038575, Dt. 16.05.2024
34. Prof. Satish Chandra and Mr. Bhavesh BhambhaniMethod of producing bio-bitumen through modification of waste engine oil residue as bitumen extender for roads (Not published)202411038015, Dt. 14.05.2024
33. Prof. Praveen Kumar, Prof. Nikhil Saboo and Mr. Soumyadeep DebApparatus and method for producing recycled waste plastic modified bitumen (Grant Date: 16-Feb-2024)202411008363, Dt. 07.02.2024
32. Prof. Nikhil Saboo and Mr. Dheeraj MehtaProcedure for integrating sugarcane molasses into SBS modified bitumen (Grant Date: 05-Apr-2024)202411016731, Dt. 08.03.2024
31. Prof. Sourav Das, Prof. Sumeet Mishra, Prof. Rajib Chowdhury and Mr. Shardendu ShuklaA portable system and method for in-situ tensile testing in high pressure gas environment including hydrogen (Not published)202411008299, Dt. 07.02.2024
30. Dr. Adrish Kumar Mullick and Prof. Kamal JainUniversal RTK System (Grant Date: 29-Mar-2024)531081 Dt. 22.01.2018
29. Dr. Siksha Swaroopa Kar, Dr. M. N. Nagabhushana and Prof. Satish ChandraBitumen Emulsion Based Pothole Repair System510059 Dt. 03.05.2019
28. Prof. Satish Chandra, Dr. Nasim Akhtar, Dr. Kirti Bhandari and Dr. D. RavinderDesign of Noise Barrier Based on Different Frequencies523262 Dt. 17.12.2018
27. Dr. Kanwar Singh, Prof. Satish Chandra, Dr. Kishore Kumar and Prof. Satyendra MittalProcess for construction of shallow multi-directional underpass intersection by box jacking and soil nailing without affecting existing traffic493870 Dt. 20.08.2019
26. Prof. Sudipta Sarkar, Prof. Sonalisa Ray and Dr. Saikat DasCalcium Silicate Hydrate (C-S-H) based Concrete Hardening Accelerator (Patent No- , Granted on 25-05-2022)397480, Dt. 25.04.2020
25. Mr. Dara Singh Vohra, Prof. Pradeep Kumar Garg and Prof. Sanjay Kumar GhoshUK Patent: Revolutionary Quadcopter Frame Designed to Accommodate a Myriad of Versatile Utility Applications6317963, Dt. 16.11.2023
24. Mr. Ayush Kumar Agarwal, Prof. Praveen Kumar, Mr. Harish Kumar and Ms. Manisha BhartiDesign for Battery Operated Ventilator System401739 Dated : 21-July -2022
23. Mr. Dara Singh Vohra, Prof. P. K. Garg and Prof. S. K. GhoshUK Patent: "Cutting-edge Rotor Copter Blades for Amplified Thrust and Endurance in Elevated Altitudinal Regimes"6305739, Dated: 29.09.2023
22. Prof. S Sarkar, Prof. S Ray and Dr. Saikat DasA Novel Synthesis Process for the Development of Calcium Silicate Hydrate (C-S-H) based Concrete Hardening Accelerator (Granted in 2022) 
21. Prof. Gondaimei Ransinchung Rongmei Naga, Dr. Ankit Sharma and Prof. Praveen KumarA method for determination of performance grade of unmodified asphalt binder using rheometer202211042909, Dt. 27.07.2022
20. Dr. Saurav Das, Mr. Sonu Yadav, Prof. Rajib Chowdhury and Mr. S. B. SinghA cold rolled bainitic steel with high strength and high elongation202211044546, Dt. 04.08.2022
19. Prof. Rahul Dev Garg and Dr. Neerav SharmaAn enhanced advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) based real-time transportation safety system and method through IoT and deep learning202211065321, Dt. 15.11.2022
18. Prof. Sonalisa Ray and Prof. Sudipta SarkarA synthesis process for the development of calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H) based concrete hardening accelerator202011017217, Dt. 22.04.2020
17. Prof. Satyendra MittalProcess for Construction of Shallow Depth Multi-direction Underpass Intersection by Box Jacking and Soil Nailing Without Affecting the Existing TrafficWO2014013508A2, US20150197895, WO2014013508A3, Dt. 01.08 2019
15. Prof. B. R. Gurjar, Prof. Vikas Pruthi and Prof. Richa Katiyar (CED, BT)Utilization of de-oiled algal biomass extract for enhancing vehicular quality biodiesel production from chorella sp. In mixotrophic cultivation systems201811001749, Dt. 16.01.2018
14. Prof.  J. K Ghosh and Prof. Sharwan RamUnmanned Terrestrial auto-navigation system for Geospatial date(201711043997) Dated : 07/12/2017
13. Prof. Kamal Jain and Mr. Merugu SureshSubroutines for Automated Edge Preservation in Color Image using Colorimetry.(5842/2016-CO-SW) Dt. 2016
12. Prof. Kamal Jain and Mr. Merugu SureshSubroutine for Subpixel Level Color Transformation of an image using Colorimetry.(356/2015-CO-SW) Dt. 2015
11. Prof. Kamal Jain and Mr. Sushil KumarFactual Precedence of Brackets in BODMAS.(54018/2014-CO/L) Dt. 2014
10. Prof. Kamal Jain and Mr. Sushil KumarPrecise object targeting in PMTS.(52090/2014-CO/SW) Dt. 2014
9. Prof. Kamal Jain and Mr. Sushil KumarSubroutines for Online Total Station Parameters Update for Precise Measurements.(50106/2014-CO/SW) Dt. 2014
8. Prof. Absar Ahmad Kazmi, Prof. Sudipta Sarkar and Prof. M. K. SharmaHousehold modified Septic Tank3635/Del/2013, Dt. 13.12.2013
7. Prof. Kamal JainLaser Abney Level.(171/DEL/2013) Dt. 2013
6. Prof. Kamal Jain and Dr. Sushil KumarInterface for Robotic Total Station and Computer System with Embeddable Instruction Set.(161/DEL/2012) Dt. 2012
5. Prof. Kamal Jain and Mohd. ShoabTrip Navigation and Analysis System (TNAS).(15217/2011- CO/L) Dt. 2011
4. Prof. Kamal Jain and Mr. Umesh ChandraExpert Geoportal System (EGPS) supplement Dt. 2011
3. Prof. Kamal Jain and Mr. Umesh ChandraExpert Geoportal System (EGPS) for .(14104/2011-COSW) Dt. 2011
2. Prof. Kamal JainLaser Compass.(2921/DEL/2010) Dt. 2010
1. Prof. Kamal JainAnalogue - Analytical Photogrammetric System (AAPS). 
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