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18. Prof. Sonalisa Ray and Prof. Sudipta SarkarA synthesis process for the development of calcium silicate hydrate (c-s-h) based concrete hardening accelerator202011017217 Dated:22.04.2020
17. Prof. Satyendra MittalProcess for Construction of Shallow Depth Multi-direction Underpass Intersection by Box Jacking and Soil Nailing Without Affecting the Existing TrafficWO2014013508A2, US20150197895, WO2014013508A3 Dated: 00/08/ 2019
16. Prof.  Sudipta Sarkar and  Prof.  A. R. LaijuA hybrid iron sulfide impregnated anion exchanger (HISIIX) for selective removal of hexavalent chromium from contaminated(201911024268) Dated : 19/06/2019
15. Prof.  B. R. Gurjar, Prof.  Vikas Pruthi and Prof.  Richa Katiyar  (CED, BT)Utilization of de-oiled algal biomass extract for enhancing vehicular quality biodiesel production from chorella sp. In mixotrophic cultivation systems.    (201811001749) Dated : 16/01/2018
14. Prof.  J. K Ghosh and Prof. Sharwan RamUnmanned Terrestrial auto-navigation system for Geospatial date(201711043997) Dated : 07/12/2017
13. Prof. Kamal Jain and Mr. Merugu SureshSubroutines for Automated Edge Preservation in Color Image using Colorimetry.(5842/2016-CO-SW) Dated: 00/00/2016
12. Prof. Kamal Jain and Mr. Merugu SureshSubroutine for Subpixel Level Color Transformation of an image using Colorimetry.(356/2015-CO-SW) Dated: 00/00/2015
11. Prof. Kamal Jain and Mr. Sushil KumarFactual Precedence of Brackets in BODMAS.(54018/2014-CO/L) Dated: 00/00/2014
10. Prof. Kamal Jain and Mr. Sushil KumarPrecise object targeting in PMTS.(52090/2014-CO/SW) Dated: 00/00/2014
9. Prof. Kamal Jain and Mr. Sushil KumarSubroutines for Online Total Station Parameters Update for Precise Measurements.(50106/2014-CO/SW) Dated: 00/00/2014
8. Prof.  A. A. Kazmi, Prof.  Sudipta Sarkar and Prof.  M. K. SharmaHousehold modified Septic Tank(3635/Del/2013) Dated : 13/12/2013
7. Prof. Kamal JainLaser Abney Level.(171/DEL/2013)  Dated :00/00/2013
6. Prof. Kamal Jain and Mr. Sushil KumarInterface for Robotic Total Station and Computer System with Embeddable Instruction Set.(161/DEL/2012)  Dated :00/00/2012
5. Prof. Kamal Jain and Mohd. ShoabTrip Navigation and Analysis System (TNAS).(15217/2011- CO/L) Dated :00/00/2011
4. Prof. Kamal Jain and Mr. Umesh ChandraExpert Geoportal System (EGPS) supplement .  (14105/2011-COSW) Dated :00/00/2011
3. Prof. Kamal Jain and Mr. Umesh ChandraExpert Geoportal System (EGPS) for .  (14104/2011-COSW) Dated :00/00/2011
2. Prof. Kamal JainLaser Compass.  (2921/DEL/2010) Dated: 00/00/2010
1. Prof. Kamal JainAnalogue - Analytical Photogrammetric System (AAPS). 

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