Ph.D. Dissertations

    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Sonali SwetapadmaRelevant Aspects of Flood Frequency AnalysisProf. Chandra Shekhar Prasad Ojha  17/Mar/2022
    2. Uttam SinghAquifer Characterization Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Surface Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceProf. Pramod Kumar Sharma  11/May/2022
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Muskan MayankFlow and contaminant transport through variable saturated porous mediaProf. Pramod Kumar Sharma  28/Jan/2021
    2. Satendra KumarEffect of Sodicity on Soil Hydraulic Properties and Root Water UptakeProf. K. S. Hari PrasadDr. Devendra Singh Bundela (PS& Head), CSSRI, Karnal 18/Mar/2021
    3. Pankaj UpretiEvent-based rainfall-runoff modeling using hybrid approaches.Prof. Chandra Shekhar Prasad Ojha  06/Jul/2021
    4. Anuj KumarWheat Yield Modelling for Pre-Harvest ForecastingProf. Chandra Shekhar Prasad Ojha  29/Jul/2021
    5. Binit KumarHydraulics of Piano Key WeirProf. Zulfequar Ahmad  30/Aug/2021
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Mohd. HashidCritical Submergence for Multiple Water IntakesProf. Zulfequar Ahmad  30/Jan/2020
    2. Mohd. ZakhwanInvestigation on Flow and Sediment Transport in Ganga RiverProf. Zulfequar Ahmad  30/Jan/2020
    3. Ali ShariqHydraulics of Gabion WeirProf. Zulfequar Ahmad  30/Sep/2020
    4. Shikhar UpadhyaySimulation of Atmospheric Boundary LayerDr. Sarit Kumar DasProf. Chandra Shekhar Prasad Ojha 09/Nov/2020
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Hitesh UpretiModelling Soil Moisture Dyanamics in Cropped Area for Irrigation SchedullingProf. Chandra Shekhar Prasad Ojha 
    2. Ms Swati BhaveExperimental Investigation of Flow in Trench Weir with Tshape barsProf. Zulfequar Ahmad 
    3. Kaushika G. S.Impact of Climate Change on Irrigation Scheduling and Crop YieldProf. K. S. Hari Prasad  19/Jul/2019
    4. Himanshu AroraPlanning of Groundwater Development in a Basin under Climate ChangeProf. Chandra Shekhar Prasad Ojha  14/Aug/2019
    5. Mohd. AamirLocal Scour Downstream of a Rigid Apron Under Wall JetsProf. Zulfequar Ahmad  16/Aug/2019
    6. Ickkshaanshu SonkarModeling Root Water Uptake: Identification of Root Water Uptake and Soil Hydraulic ParametersProf. K. S. Hari Prasad  17/Sep/2019
    7. Alok KumarAnalysis of Flow Around L-Head GroynesProf. Chandra Shekhar Prasad Ojha  19/Sep/2019
    8. John Mohd WaniInferring Permafrost and its Characteristics in the Cold-Arid HimalayaProf. Chandra Shekhar Prasad Ojha  22/Nov/2019
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Shray PathakMulti-Criteria Decision Analysis for Identifying Storm water Harvesting SitesProf. Chandra Shekhar Prasad OjhaProf. C. S. P. Ojha
    2. Manish PandayScour around Bridge pier in gravel streamProf. Pramod Kumar Sharma 
    3. Umesh Kumar SinghInfluence of cohesion in cohesive sediment transport.Prof. Zulfequar AhmadDr. Ashish Kumar (Waknnghat, HP)
Data not available
S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
1. Himashu SharmaEnhanced transverse mixing of pollutants in open channels with submerged vanesProf. Zulfequar Ahmad 
S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
1. Sanjay A BureleExperimental Investigation for Channelisation of a Braided RiverProf. Zulfequar Ahmad 
2. Ajmal HussainFlow characteristics of side orifices and intakes in open channelsProf. Zulfequar Ahmad 
3. Ankit ChakrabortyInfluence of cohesion on scour under submerged circular vertical jet.Prof. Zulfequar Ahmad 
4. Bhupesh JainInvestigation on swirl in pump sump intake and its controlProf. Zulfequar Ahmad 

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