Ph.D. Dissertations

    S. No.Student NameTitleSupervisor
    1. Hashid, Mohammad Critical Submergence for Multiple Water IntakesProf. Ahmad, Zulfeqar
    2. Rani, Swati Tertiary Wastewater Treatment through Microalgae and Seperation of its Value Added products Prof. Choudhary, Raja
    3. Kumar, C Vinay Analysis of Laterally Loaded Piles near Crest of Sloping Ground Prof. Sawant, V. A.
    4. Zakwan, Mohammad Investigation on Flow and Sediment Transport in Ganga RiverProf. Ahmad, Zulfeqar
    5. Kumar, Rinku Removal of Emerging and Other Contaminants in Waste Stabilization PondProf. Kumar, Pradeep
    6. Sharma, Ashu Psycho-Visual Based image SegmentationProf. Ghosh, Jayanta Kumar
    7. Ram, Sharwan Unmanned System for Geospatial DataProf. Ghosh, Jayanta Kumar
    8. Kumar, Bibhas Support Pressure for Stability of Circular Tunnel under Different Ground ConditionsProf. Sahoo, Jagdish Prasad
    9. Kumari, Monu Performance Evaluation of RAP for sustainable flexible pavementProf. R. N., G. D., Ransinhchug
    10. Abraham, Sarah Mariam RAP Materials for Sustainable Pavement Quality ConcreteProf. R. N., G. D., Ransinhchug
    11. Anugya, Urban Growth Mapping & Releted Land Dynamics Using Geomatics TechniqueProf. Jain, Kamal
    S. No.Student NameTitleSupervisor
    1. Gupta, Ashish Analysis of Retaining Wall and Reinforced Soil Wall Considering Seismic WavesProf. Sawant, V. A.
    2. Singh, Ranbir Rheology of Self-Compacting Recycled Aggregate ConcreteProf. Singh, Bhupinder
    3. Singh, Pratibha Emperical Model for Prediction of Slope Displacement Under Seismic Loads – Study for Indian Seismic ConditionsProf. Mittal, Satyendra
    4. Verma, Prateek Study of Gangotri Glacier under Changing Climate Conditions using Satellite DataProf. Ghosh, S. K.
    5. Aamir, Mohd. Local Scour Downstream of a Rigid Apron Under Wall JetsProf. Ahmed, Zulfequar
    6. Singh, Kanwar Response of Cohesionless Nailed Overburden Soil During Box Jacking for UnderpassProf. Mittal, Satyendra
    7. Sonkar, Ickkshaanshu Modelling Moisture Flow in Root Zone: Estimation of Root Water Uptake and Soil Hydraulic ParametersProf. Hari Prasad, K. S.
    8. Arora, Himanshu Planning of Groundwater Development in a Basin Under Climate ChangeProf. Ojha, C. S. P.
    9. Kaur, Harsangeet Electrolysis as an Option for The Post Treatment of Bank FiltrationProf. Kumar, Pradeep  and Prof. Kumar, Pramod
    10. Gaurav, Govind Splice Strength of Deformed Steel Bars in Recycled Aggregate ConcreteProf. Singh, Bhupinder
    11. Sharma, Chetan Assessment of The Effect of Climate Change in Ganga River BasinProf. Ojha, C. S. P.
    12. Rani, Neelam Wind Pressure Distribution on Multi-Span Canopy RoofsProf. Ray, Sonalisa
    13. Khati, Bhishm Singh Experimental Studies on Laterally Loaded Piles Near Sloping GroundProf. Sawant, V. A.
    14. Kumar, Alok Analysis of Flow Around L-Head GroynesProf. Ojha, C. S. P.
    15. Mullick, Adrish Kumar Web based GNSS correctionsProf. Jain, Kamal
    16. Kumar, Vimal Behaviour of Prestressed Concrete Slabs Under Impact LoadingProf. Iqbal, Mohd. Ashraf and Prof. Mittal, A. K.
    17. Bhave, Swati Experimental Study on Hydraulics of Bottom Racks with T-Shape BarsProf. Ahmed, Zulfequar
    18. Bhowmik, Sonali Analytical and Experimental Investigations on Concrete Members Under Fatigue LoadingProf. Ray, Sonalisa
    19. Pathak, Shray Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for Identifying Stormwater Harvesting SitesProf. Garg, Rahul Dev and Prof. Ojha, C. S. P.
    20. Kumar, Pradeep Pavement Surface Condition Evaluation and Classification Using Geospatial ToolsProf. Garg, P. K. and Prof. Parida, Manoranjan
    21. Pavani, Murakonda Analysis of Plates on Reinforced Earth BedsProf. Maheshwari, Priti
    22. Upreti, Hitesh Modelling Soil Moisture Dyanamics in Cropped Area for Irrigation SchedullingProf. Ojha, C. S. P.
    23. Tariq, Faraz Corroded RC Elements Exposed to FireProf. Bhargava, Pradeep
    24. Singh, Hariom Geostatistical Computing as Web Processing Service on Open System ArchitectureProf. Garg, Rahul Dev
    25. Verma, Astha Wind Pressure Distribution on Low-Rise Buildings with Varying Roof FormsProf. Gupta, Pramod Kumar
    26. Tiwari, Anuj 3D City Model Based on SemanticsProf. Jain, Kamal
    27. Kapoor, Mudit Estimation of Solar Potential using Geo-Spatial Techniques and Big Data in Cloud Computing EnvironmentProf. Garg, R. D.
    28. Hussain, Sujaat Fire Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Column’sProf. Sharma, Umesh Kumar
    29. Rajput, Aditya Singh Seismic Evalution and Upgradation on Corroded Confined Reinforced Concrete ColumnsProf. Sharma, Umesh Kumar
    30. Kaushika, G. S.   Irrigation Scheduling under changing climateProf. Hari Prasad, K. S.
    31. G. R., Bivina Pedestrian Level of Service Assessment for Side Walks Using Qualitative EvaluationProf. Parida, Manoranjan
    32. Kumar, Sumant Urban Storm Water Runoff Treatment Using Ballasted Sand Flocculation ProcessProf. Kazmi, A. A.
    33. Bramhe, Vijendra Singh Deep Learning Techniques for Automatic Extraction of Built Up Areas Using Satellite DataProf. Ghosh, S. K.  and Prof. Garg, P. K.
    34. Singh, Shashi Kumar PollnSAR and PolTomSAR based Modelling for Characterization of Forest ParameterProf. Garg, Rahul Dev
    35. Bhatra, Shashank Response of Rails on the Reinforced Earth Beds Under Moving LoadsProf. Maheshwari, Priti
    S. No.Student NameTitleSupervisor
    1. Bhardwaj, Ashutosh Assimilation Of Digital Elevation Models Generated From Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing DataProf. Jain, Kamal and Prof. Chatterjee, R. S.
    2. Khuntia, Sunil Analysis of Plate Anchors and Retaining Walls Supporting Soil with Sloping SurfaceProf. Sahoo, Jagdish Prasad
    3. Kumar, Vinay Target Detection Using Hyperspectral Images in thermal Infra-red BandProf. Ghosh, J. K.
    4. Mishra, Upendra Nath A Comparative Evaluation of Methods For Development of Indian Geoid ModelProf. Ghosh, J. K.
    5. Singh, Umesh Kumar Influence of Cohesion on Sediment TransportProf. Ahmad, Zulfequar  and Kumar, Ashish
    6. Pandey, Siddharth Studies on a Two-Phase Anaerobic Biofilm ReactorProf. Sarkar, Sudipta
    7. Mehandiratta, Siddharth Analysis of Shallow Foundation on Partially Saturated SoilsProf. Sawant, V. A.
    8. Rukhaiyar, Saurav Behavior of Sandstone under Cyclic And Polyaxial States of StressProf. Samadhiya, N. K.
    9. Singh, Nitin Kumar Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge Process for Sewage TreatmentProf. Kazmi, A. A.
    10. Chandra, Naveen   A Cognitive Method For Object Detection From Satellite ImagesProf. Ghosh, J. K.
    11. Hasan, Murtaza Behavior of Floating Granular Piles in Soft SoilsProf. Samadhiya, N. K.
    12. Mandal, Bibekananda Finite Element Analysis Of Marinated Composite JointsProf. Chakrabarti, Anupam
    13. Swami, Manisha Operational and Spatial Effectiveness of Multimodal Transportation SystemsProf. Parida, Manoranjan
    14. Pandey, Manish Scour around Bridge Pier in Gravel Bed StreamsProf. Sharma, Pramod Kumar
    15. Singh, Mahendra   Seismic Response of Shallow Metro Under Ground TunnelsProf. Viladkar, M. N.  and Prof. Samadhiya, N. K.
    16. , Kuldeep   Texture Based Extraction of Islands and Flood Vulnerability Assessment Using RSProf. Garg, Rahul Dev and Prof. Garg, P.K.
    17. Gani, Khaid Muzamil Fate And Removal of Phthalates In Biological Wastewater TreatmentProf. Kazmi, A. A.
    18. Arora, Harsh Chandra   Evaluation of Durability of FRP Strengthened Concrete Structural ElementsProf.  Sharma, Umesh Kumar , Prof.  Chakrabarti, Anupam  and Prof. Rao, B. Kameswara
    19. R., Ganesh Kinematic Limit Analysis Solutions for Some Geotechnical Stability ProblemsProf. Sahoo, Jagdish Prasad
    20. Yadav, Dharmender   Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal In Conventional Activated Sludge ProcessProf. Kumar, Promod  and Prof. Pruthi, Vikas
    21. Singh, Deepak   Assessment of Water-Ice on Lunar Surface Using Chandrayaan and Terrestrial DataProf. Garg, Rahul Dev and Prof. Garg, P. K.
    22. Singh, Bhupinder Linear and Nonlinear Viscoelastic Analysis of Aged Asphalt BindersProf. Kumar, Praveen
    23. Chatterjee, Tanmoy Novel Integrated Computational Models for Robust Design OptimizationProf. Chowdhury, Rajib
    24. Piyoosh, Atul Kant Impact of Land Use Land Cover on Local Climatic Variables: A GIS Based AnalysisProf. Ghosh, S. K.
    25. Saha, Arpita   Measurement And Analysis of Delay At Signal Controlled IntersectionsProf. Chandra, Satish  and Prof. Ghosh, Indrajit
    26. Verma, Amit Kumar Sugarcane Crop Classification And Yield Estimation Using Geospatial TechniquesProf. Garg, P. K. , Prof. Hari Prasad, K. S.  and Prof. Dadhwai, V. K.
    27. Amardeep, Operational Performance Measures For Intercity RoadsProf. Ghosh, Indrajit
    28. Shukla, Anoop Kumar Precipitation and Water Yield Variability In Upper Ganga Basin Using GeomaticsProf. Garg, Rahul Dev  and Prof. Ojha, C. S. P.
    29. Singh, Surender Utilization of Rap for Sustainable Concrete PavementsProf. R. N., G. D. Ransinchung
    30. Mishra, Shambhavi Development of Its Architecture For A Medium Sized Indian CityProf. Kumar, Praveen
    31. Laxmanrao, Gavankar Nitin A Study On Building Extraction Techniques Using High Resolution Satellite DataProf. Ghosh, S. K.
    32. Biswas, Subhadip Capacity Analysis of Urban Streets Under Mixed Traffic ConditionsProf. Chandra, Satish  and Prof. Ghosh, Indrajit
    33. Shukla, Gaurav Predictive Approach to Retrieve Some Soil Landscape Parameters Using RS ToolsProf. Garg, Rahul Dev , Prof. Garg, P. K.  and Prof.  Srivastava, H. S.
S. No.Student NameTitleSupervisor
1. Jain, Udit Development of Guidelines For Pedestrian Crossing FacilitiesProf. Rastogi, Rajat
2. Mohan, Mithun Analysis of Mixed Traffic Flow at Uncontrolled IntersectionsProf. Parida, Manoranjan and Prof. Chandra, Satish
3. Suresh, Merugu Colorimetrically Improved Classification AccuracyProf. Jain, Kamal
4. Ansari, Muslim Behaviour of FRP Laminated Composite Plates Under Impact LoadingProf. Chakrabarti, Anupam
5. Rohilla, Kapil Effect of Infiltration on Sediment Transport in Irrigated ChannelsProf. Hari Prasad, K. S.
6. Kumar, G. B. Ramesh Abrasion Resistance of Concrete Containing Marginal AggregatesProf. Sharma, Umesh kumar
7. Frederick, Franklin F. R. Shear Stenghthening of Reinforced Concrete ElemintsProf. Sharma, Umesh kumar and Prof. Gupta, V. K.
8. Yadav, Deepti Approaches For Detection And Indentification of Targests Using Remote Sensing DataProf. Arora, Manoj K., Prof. Ghosh, J. K. and Tiwari, K. C.
9. Kathuria, Ankit Operational Analysis of Bus Rapid Transit SystemProf. Parida, Manoranjan and Prof. Ch., Ravi Sekhar
10. Rajput, Abhishek Behaviour of Prestressed Concrete Plates Under High Rate of LoadingProf. Iqbal, M. A.
11. Jindal, Abhishek Inclusion of Recycled Concrete Aggregates and Mineral Admixtures in PQC MixProf. R. N., G. D. Ransinchung
12. Rohidas, Suryawanshi Shiwanand An Investigation of the Strut Efficiency Factors of RCA-Concrete Bottle-Shaped StrutsProf. Bhargava, Pradeep and Prof. Singh, B.
13. Chakraborty, Souvik A Multilevel Paradigm For Stochastic ComputationsProf. Chowdhury, Rajib
14. Khare, Siddhartha Multi-Source Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Based Analysis of Forest BiodiversityProf. Ghosh, S. K. and Prof. Latifi, Hooman
15. Waseem, Shakeel Ahmad Shear Friction in RCA ConcreteProf. Singh, Bhupinder
16. Biswas, Sabyasachi Investigation of Traffic Efficiency and Violations at Signalized IntersectionsProf. Ghosh, Indrajit
17. Ramkishan, Rathod Ravindra Spatial Data Mining Methods For Electricity Consumption ProfilingProf. Garg, Rahul Dev
18. Kumar, Rajiv Development of Warm Stone Matrix AsphaltProf. Kumar, Praveen and Prof. Chandra, Satish
19. C., Naveen Kumar Modelling of Crashes for Four Lane Non-Urban HighwaysProf. Parida, Manoranjan and Prof. Jain, S. S.
S. No.Student NameTitleSupervisor
1. Abegaze, Teodrose Atnafu Modeling Contaminant Transport Through Porous Media Using Asymptotic DispersivityProf. Sharma, Pramod Kumar
2. Hatiye, Samuel Dagalo Study on Deep Percolation From Surface IrrigationProf. Hari Prasad, K. S.
3. Bhatt, Abhishek Object Based Image Change Detection For Urban Growth Using Geospatial TechniquesProf. Ghosh, S. K. and Prof. Kumar, Anil
4. Ahmad, Abdullah Development and Calibration of Entry Capacity Model of Modern RoundaboutsProf. Rastogi, Rajat
S. No.Student NameTitleSupervisor
1. Raoof Kubba, Ziyad Abdul-Nabi Khaudhair Structural Behaviour of Recycled Concrete Filled Steel Tubular ColumnsProf. Ahuja, A. K. and Prof. Gupta, Pramod Kumar
2. Gupta, Sandeep Urban Road Information and Management System (RIMS) Using Geospatial ToolsProf. Garg, P. K. and Prof. Ghosh, S. K.
3. Dwivedi, Rama Dhar Behaviour of Underground Excavations in Squeezing Ground ConditionsProf. Viladkar, M. N., Prof. Singh, Mahendra and Prof. Geol, R. K.
4. Dwivedi, Rakesh Kumar Fuzzy Hybrid Approaches For Soft Classification of Satellite ImagesProf. Ghosh, S. K.  and Prof. Kumar, Anil
5. Agarwal, Rajat Spatio-Temporal Assesment of Grounwater Using Geospatial ToolsProf. Garg, P. K.
6. Singh, Pankaj Pratap Efficient Hybrid Classification of Urban Objects Using High Resolution Satellite ImagesProf. Garg, Rahul Dev
7. Karna, Nilav Kumar Routing of Suspended Sediment Through Gravel Bed RiversProf. Giri, Sanjay and Prof. Hari Prasad, K. S.
8. Srivastava, Lok Priya Strength Behaviour of Jointed Rocks Reinforced With Passive BoltsProf. Singh, Mahendra
9. Singh, Heaven Behaviour of Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Columns With Different Cross-SectionsProf. Gupta. Pramod Kumar
10. Verma, Harsh Kumar Evaluation of Blast Induced Damage in Underground ExcavationProf. Samadhiya, N. K., Prof. Singh, Mahendra and Prof. Prasad, V. V. R. (CIMFR Roorkee)
11. Jain, V. Gaurav Development of Passenger Transport Information System Using GIS and GPSProf. Jain, S. S. and Prof. Parida, Manoranjan
12. Verma, Virendra Kumar Study of Concrete Filled UPVC Tubes As Coloumns in Severe EnvironmentProf. Gupta, Pramod Kumar
13. Tiwari, Gaurav Influence of Target Span and Boundary Conditions on Ballistic ResistanceProf. Gupta. Pramod Kumar and Prof. Iqbal, Mohd. Ashraf
14. Agarwal, Etishree Assessment of Groundwater Regime Using Geospatial and Flow Modeling TechniquesProf. Garg, Rahul Dev and Srivastav, S. K.
15. A. B., Danie Roay Strengthening of Heat Damaged Reinforced Concrete ElementsProf. Bhargava, Pradeep and Prof. Sharma, Umesh Kumar
16. Gedam, Banti Amarshah Long Term Behaviour of High Performance Concrete BridgesProf. Bhandari, N. M. and Prof. Upadhyay, Akhil
17. Chakravarti, Ankit Scour in Sediment Mistures Under Submerged Circular Vertical JetsProf. Ahmad, Zulfequar and Prof. Jain, R. K.
18. Hussain, Ajmal Flow Characteristics of Side Orifices and Intakes in Open ChannelsProf. Ahmad, Zulfequar and Prof. Ojha, C. S. P.
19. Chourasia, Ajay Performance Evaluation of Confined Masonry Buildings Under Cyclic Lateral LoadsProf. Bhargava, Pradeep, Prof. Bhandari, N. M. and Prof. Bhattacharya, S. K.
20. Srivastava, Vandita Information Extraction on Trees From Very High Resolution Satellite ImagesProf. Garg, P. K. and Prof. Garg, Rahul Dev
21. Dey, Tushar Kanti Optimum Design of FRP Laminated Bridge Decks Having Different Core ConfigurationsProf. Chakrabarti, Anupam and Prof. Sharma, Umesh Kumar
22. Singh, Surendra Pal Virtual 3D City Model by Using Geomatics TechniquesProf. Jain, Kamal and Prof. Mandla, V. Ravibabu
23. Kumari, Sunita Modeling of Liquefaction Using Coupled Finite Element AnalysisProf. Sawant, V. A.
24. Sharma, Shashi Kant Use of Wollastonite Micro Fibers in Rehabilitation of PQC RoadsProf. Kumar, Praveen and Prof. R. N., G. D. Ransinghung
25. Senthilk, Response of Metallic Plates to Small Arms Projectile ImpactProf. Iqbal, Mohd. Ashraf
26. Mukherjee, Sanjeev Behaviour of Helical Screw Anchors in SandProf. Mittal, Satyendra

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