Environmental Processes and Nanotechnology Laboratory

With the rapid urbanization and industrialization, the country is facing enormous challenges in the field of waste treatment both in urban as well as in industrial sector. In this laboratory, we develop novel materials and processes often leveraging the benefits of latest scientific and technological advancements such as nanotechnology, ion exchange, adsorption and bio-mimetic processes, to provide best possible solution to such difficult-to-solve problems. The research is not only conducted to find out just solutions for remediation of such problems, most often the solutions are oriented towards providing net positive economic gain so that the stakeholders get benefits out of the waste treatment using such solutions. This approach provides a better possibility for translating the research outcomes into commercially favorable, field deployable products or processes and encourages entrepreneurial activities, thereby providing enough motivation for treating the waste. The scope of this laboratory is not only limited to waste remediation in the field of liquid and solid waste, we also take interest in working in the areas of nutrient recovery and recycling, trace contaminant removal from drinking water, tackling of emerging contaminant problems, and food-water-energy nexus.

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