Ph.D. Dissertations

    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. B. Gowtham BalasundaramThermal Hydrolysis Pretreatment of Sewage SludgeProf. Absar Ahmad KazmiDr. Vinay Kumar Tyagi 09/Apr/2024
    2. Sayyad Sameer UsmanganiEfficacious Total Dissolved Solids Removal from Secondary Treated Tannery EffluentsProf. Absar Ahmad KazmiProf. Bhola Ram (On-lien) Gurjar, 20/May/2024
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Banafsha AhmedThermal pretreatment enhanced anaerobic co-digestion of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste and Sewage SludgeProf. Absar Ahmad KazmiDr. V. K. Taygi 16/Jan/2023
    2. Monika DubeyFate of emerging contaminants in wastewater treatment plantsProf. Absar Ahmad KazmiDr. Bhanu Prakash Vellanki 17/Apr/2023
    3. Aparna DuttaDetailed Investigation and Remediation of Acid Mine Drainage Impacted Water.Prof. Sudipta Sarkar  16/May/2023
    4. Pinakshi BiswasFate of trace contaminants in river waterProf. Bhanu Prakash Vellanki  18/Jul/2023
    5. Neelam GunjyalWastewater Receiving Ponds in Rural India and Their Impact on Antibiotic Resistance and Groundwater QualityProf. Gargi SinghProf. Chandra Shekhar Prasad Ojha, 31/Jul/2023
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Renuka VermaInvestigation & Synthesis Of High Capacity Adsorbents For Trace Removal of Cr(Vi) From WaterProf. Sudipta Sarkar  28/Apr/2022
    2. Deepika BhaskarOpportunistic Pathogens and Anthropogenic Antibiotic Resistance Markers In Tap Water Supplied By Overhead Tank− Based Drinking Water Distribution System.Prof. Gargi Singh  18/Jul/2022
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Komal  JayaswalStudies on UASB-DHS reactor for the treatment of municipal wastewaterProf. Bhola Ram (On-lien) GurjarProf. H. Harada, Tohoku Univ., Japan 23/Jun/2021
    2. Veerendra SahuIndoor Air Quality Assessment and Source Apportionment of Airborne ParticlesProf. Bhola Ram (On-lien) Gurjar  28/Jul/2021
    3. Debasree PurkayasthaWaste Segregation and Treatment using Black Soldier Fly Larvae as Biological AgentsProf. Sudipta Sarkar  27/Aug/2021
    4. Rajmal JatRegional Air Quality Modeling in India Using Chemical Transport ModelProf. Bhola Ram (On-lien) Gurjar  21/Oct/2021
    5. Swati DahiyaResource Recovery from wastewater through algal biomass & its beneficial usesProf. Raja Chowdhury  26/Oct/2021
    6. Jahnavi. KMunicipal Wastewater Treatment Plant as a Significant Reservoir of Antibiotic ResistanceProf. Sudipta SarkarProf. Prabhat K. Mandal (Deptt of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT, Roorkee) 26/Nov/2021
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Surbhi TakNatural and Effluent Derived Organic Matter Removal Using Synergy of Advanced Oxidation and Biofiltration ProcessProf. Bhanu Prakash Vellanki  23/Jul/2020
    2. Laiju A RTrace removal of hexavalent chromium from drinking water using anion exchange resinProf. Sudipta Sarkar  18/Sep/2020
    3. Swati RaniTertiary Wastewater Treatment through Microalgae and Seperation of its Value Added productsProf. Raja ChowdhuryProf. Chandra Shekhar Prasad Ojha, 30/Sep/2020
    S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
    1. Ackmez MudhooMathematical modeling of carbon dioxide release and temperature distribution in an aerobic bioreactor landfill milieuProf. Bhola Ram (On-lien) GurjarProf. R. Mohee
    2. Nitin Kumar SinghIntegrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge Process for Sewage TreatmentProf. Absar Ahmad Kazmi 
    3. Khalid Muzammil GhaniFate and removal of Pthalates in biological wastewater treatmentProf. Absar Ahmad Kazmi 
    4. Dharmender YadavEnhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal in Conventional Activated SludgeProf. Pramod Kumar 
    5. Siddhartha PandeyStudies on a Two-Phase Anaerobic Biofilm ReactorProf. Sudipta Sarkar 
S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
1. Richa KatiyarEnhancing Production of Biodiesel from Microalgae for Environment Friendly TransportProf. Bhola Ram (On-lien) Gurjar 
2. P. S. MahapatraRegional air quality assessment in changing climate scenarios: A case study of BhubaneswarProf. Bhola Ram (On-lien) Gurjar 
S. No.ScholarNameTopicSupervisorCosupervisorAwarded Date
1. ChandrrasekarAmbient Air Quality Modeling Using Soft Computing TechniquesProf. Bhola Ram (On-lien) GurjarProf CSP Ojha
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