Academic calendar for the year 2019–20

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Day Date Event
Thursday To Friday 02.01.2020 To 03.01.2020 Re-examination and Second Examination (for Autumn Semester 2019-20)
Tuesday 07.01.2020 Subject registration of new PhD students START
Wednesday 08.01.2020 Subject registration of new PhD students END
Monday 13.01.2020 Last date for sending the grades of reexamination/second examination
Tuesday 14.01.2020 Last date for Academic Registration
Wednesday 15.01.2020 Last date for addition of courses
Sunday 26.01.2020 Republic Day (Holiday)

Day Date Event
Monday17.02.2020Last date for submission of remaining document(s) by new PhD students
Friday21.02.2020Maha Shivratri (Holiday)

Day Date Event
Wednesday to Saturday4.3.2020 to 7.3.2020Mid Term Examination (MTE)
Monday9.3.2020Mid-Semester Break- START
Friday13.03.2020Mid-Semester Break- END
Monday16.3.2020Last date for showing MTE answer scripts
Friday to Sunday27.03.2020 to 29.03.2020COGNIZANCE-2019 (Non-Teaching day)

Day Date Event
Tuesday2.4.2020Ram Navami (Holiday)
Saturday4.4.2020Teaching day as per Friday Time Table
Friday10.4.2020Good Friday (Holiday)
Monday13.04.2020Teaching day as per Friday Time Table
Tuesday14.04.2020Non-Teaching day
Thursday16.04.2020Last date for withdrawal of courses
Friday17.04.2020Mahavir Jayanti (Holiday)
Monday20.04.2020Last date for evaluation of projects/seminars
Tuesday21.04.2020Notification to the students having short attendance up to 20.04.2020 by Departments/ Centres and to send the Final list to Academic Section
Thursday23.04.2020Last date for Teaching
Friday to Monday24.04.2020 to 4.5.2020End Term Examination(Practical examinations, if any, may be held during last few laboratory classes)

Day Date Event
Thursday7.5.2020Budh Purnima (Holiday)
Saturday9.5.2020·         Last date for communicating marks of all course components and showing End Term Examination Answer Scripts to students
·         Summer vacation for students(except for M.Tech./IDD Final Year and PhD students) START
Monday11.5.2020Finalization & electronic communication of grades by the Departments
Thursday14.05.2020Last date for students to apply for grade modification
Friday15.05.2020·         Last date for students to apply for grade modification if any
·         Last date for submission of progress report of the PhD students to Academic Section by the Departments / Centres
Tuesday19.05.2020Period for availing vacation leave by faculty START
Sunday24.05.2020Id-ul-Filter* (Holiday)

Day Date Event
Friday26.06.2020Last date of evaluation & submission of grades for Final Year M.Tech./M.Arch. /MURP/ M.Tech. / (ES) / IDD /IMT Dissertation

Day Date Event
Sunday12.7.2020·         Period for availing vacation leave by faculty END,
·         Summer vacation for students (except for M.Tech. / IDD Final Year and PhD students)END
Monday13.07.2020Re-examination and Second examination(for Spring Semester 2019-20) START
Wednesday15.07.2020Re-examination and Second examination(for Spring Semester 2019-20) END

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